Center (Centre)

Center Street
Center Street


Built: n/a
Photo: c.1912

At the time of this postcard view of Bethel’s main thoroughfare, the street’s name was Center Street, which was sometimes spelled Centre Street in the British fashion. The name Greenwood Avenue would not be applied to this portion of the street until 1934 when Greenwood (up to the train tracks), Center, and Elm (from Chestnut heading East) were combined. The majority of Italianate style commercial buildings shown to the right still exist, although with various alterations and modernizations.

Notice the early automobile parked near the curb on the right hand side of the road and also that at this time the road had yet to be paved. Also, take note of the fact that although this image is of mid-day, there is virtually no traffic to be seen. As a comparison, the federal census of 1910 showed Bethel as having a population of 3,792 people, as opposed to the 2000 census which showed a population of 18,067.